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something we cannot name


“The introduction of Western civilization within Japan’s modernization created various imprints in the life of performing arts. The breath of westernization brought variety of movements and forms rooted in western traditional and modern dance. As for butoh, it stands in exact the opposite direction. It has it’s own style which rises above the social values formed through the modernization and above all the established ideas as well.” –Natsuko Kono

Images, figures and features of people, which were fallen behind the times awake within butoh. Along the world of imagination we track back to the history of nature and folklore, the worship of nature, a wondering mentality, an ancient sleep in the land of dreams deep in ourselves over the years. Opposing to the modern criteria of beauty we reveal through our bodies something hidden in the dark, in the depth of our consciousness. It’s alive in us as human memories, like personal prehistory.

Creating “an enigma, an ever-evolving mystery”. Intimate. Sometimes peaceful & slow, but in the same time assaulting the senses being violent & manic, butoh seems to fly away from itself, without an established style and resisting to any definition or explanation. The spirit of it can differ depending on the sensibility of the artist. A certain state of mind in a transition from vision to feeling.




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