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åctive steps for the forest

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For us, for every one of us who has ever felt helpless against an enemy a thousand times larger than ourselves.

activist-camp-hambach-forest-vulkaiThis november we joined the 12.000 years old beautiful Hambach Forest located in the west Germany near Cologne. The fo­rest named after the town of Ham­bach was ori­gi­nal­ly 5,500 hec­ta­res large, but most of it has already been completely destroyed because of the largest opencast mine in Europe, and they are not planning to stop. The responsible owner of this mine and many others in the area is the leading power company, the notorious RWE. So far we know, this whole area is the climate killer number one in Europe.

Civilization has been erecting en­er­gy in­dus­tries for ages–irreversibly running through the natural existence. Unreflected. Unquestioned. People keep living beyond their needs, beyond what the land can offer and what they can offer the land. And it will never be enough, they need to expand into new areas and wipe them clean. Choosing this path on the Earth with finite resources will be followed by a global collapse—without mercy.

Will we let this pla­net and every life on it be de­s­troy­ed through greed for money and power?

The forest introduced us to a collective of very brave activists who showed sharp awareness for this matter and the true face of resistance. The ‘habitants who resist’ are involved in land & forest occupation and direct actions against the coal industry. With our hearts fully involved, we practiced different forms of fertile resistance. By having hands on real things, we became their partners in „crime“. The whole atmosphere got some more colors with our own creations and initiatives. Dånijel exhibited his photo reportage “Eyes on Killing The Climate” which shows very specific activist perspective of direct actions against RWE. During the weeks in the forest, Ågi wrote series of poems inspired by the spirit of community life and the ongoing struggles.

We challenged & will keep challenging the very existence of the cages.

Stay strong our dear friends!



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Poems & photographs by Györe Ágnes:











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